Boat trips

Boat trips provide an enjoyable and a unique experience along the Mira River. Besides observing bird species characteristic of the Mira basin, you can enjoy a quiet deeply relaxing silence or the sounds of singing birds. There will be a stop halfway along this boat trip.

The boat trip will be aboard a Bayliner with a maximum capacity of 6 persons (excluding the driver) and the price is 40 €/person, minimum 4 people. The duration is around 1h30 min. 

Do not miss this real and unforgettable adventure. The Mira is a Portuguese river that rises in Serra do Caldeirão, at an altitude of 470 m, and covers about 145 km before it flows into the Atlantic Ocean, in Vila Nova de Milfontes. It is one of the few rivers of Europe that flows from south to north, just like the Sado River.  

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