The beaches of Vila Nova Milfontes are considered some of the most beautiful of Costa Vicentina. In this village, considered by many the "Princess of Alentejo", you can enjoy river and/or ocean beaches. The lighthouse beach is 3 km away from Herdade do Freixial, Furnas beach is 3.5 km away, Malhão Beach is 6 km away and Aivados beach is 12 km away.

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Herdade do Freixial is located within Vincentina Coast Natural Park’s boundaries, where the natural and wild environment remains untouched and it offers many natural and special peculiarities.You can walk among the pine forest or stroll down to the river Mira always within the more than 100 acres of our property. If you want to further explore the beaches and the trails of this area, follow the tracks of the Rota Vicentina clearly marked throughout the Alentejo coast.

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For more information regarding bird species of Mira’s basin, please go to the site Birds of Portugal.


The outdoor hot tub located near the pool is one of the peculiarities of Herdade do Freixial. This tub equipped with water jets and an average water temperature of 29ºC, allows you to free your body and mind from daily stress. A Jacuzzi bath is a treatment of ancestral origins that combines the action of air and water, and its positive effects on the body are many: it improves blood circulation, strengthens the tissues and tones muscles. It is a free service that we provide to our guests. 


Boat trips

Boat trips provide an enjoyable and a unique experience along the Mira River. Besides observing bird species characteristic of the Mira basin, you can enjoy a quiet deeply relaxing silence or the sounds of singing birds. There will be a stop halfway along this boat trip.

The boat trip will be aboard a Bayliner with a maximum capacity of 6 persons (excluding the driver) and the price is 40 €/person, minimum 4 people. The duration is around 1h30 min. 

Do not miss this real and unforgettable adventure. The Mira is a Portuguese river that rises in Serra do Caldeirão, at an altitude of 470 m, and covers about 145 km before it flows into the Atlantic Ocean, in Vila Nova de Milfontes. It is one of the few rivers of Europe that flows from south to north, just like the Sado River.  


Massages are one of the most popular relaxation treatments, and in that sense, the Herdade do Freixial offers several options and masseurs: therapeutic massage, sport massage, indian massage, among others.

All massage therapists are certified for its practice and values are being on average 60 €/hour.

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Cycling Tours

Bicycle tours are an option to better get to know Herdade do Freixial. If you wish to do so, you can also explore the region and travel to Vila Nova de Milfontes which is just 2 km away. We have bikes available for rent, for 10 euros/day per person.

Surf/Bodyboard Lessons

The Surf and Body board lessons are taught by certified teachers with professional experience. If you want more information please see the website of the Milfontes School of Surf or, if you wish, we can book you a lesson during your stay without any additional cost or commission.

Group Lessons


Group classes are open to locals and guests of Herdade do Freixial and have a fixed schedule throughout the year.

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Turkish Bath

Invigorating, it tones the skin leaving it firm and smooth, stiffens muscles and hydrates the body, helping you to look (and feel) younger and beautiful, which increases self-esteem. The skin prevents bacteria from penetrating the body, the sweat removes impurities and toxins through the pores, thus allowing a thorough cleaning of the skin from the inside out. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour: (20 €/session; capacity: 4 pax) and must be scheduled in advance at the reception.

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